men·ace /ˈmenəs/
Originality and confidence so strong, it's threatening


Menace Denim was established in Cleveland, OH by Tyler Ariel (the Menace) in 2019 originally focused on creating custom garments for those who love unique, edgy denim. Her love for distressed denim, re-worked clothing, risky pieces and streetwear fashion has expanded into the world that is Menace Denim. In a time full of repetitive fashion she creates 1 of 1 products to make her customers feel like the one of a kind eye catchers they are. You cannot rock Menace Denim and be fearful of stares because all eyes will be on you & you mustn’t worry about why.. just own it.

Committed to enhancing the confidence and style of every customer one design and one product at a time, Menace Denim is here to encourage you to take the risk in life and fashion